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Life on mission.

  • An accredited, low or no-debt university degree

  • Practical experience available every semester

  • Tools and structure to develop your God-given mission

  • One-on-one support and guidance

Education Unlike Any Other

BU@Hawaii is an exceptional college experience that accesses the strengths of Bethel University while maintaining the unique Hawaiian culture of O'ahu.


O'ahu is a unique BU campus. They aren't tied down to one building or location, instead, students will meet online and in local gatherings around the island.



BU Hawaii students will benefit from Bethel University's strong academics while being immersed in practical real life experience and mentorship that focuses on social entrepreneurship, ethical business, environmental awareness, and social justice. With Hawaii's unique emphasis on community and culture, BU Hawaii prioritizes in creating a safe and fun community for students to grow and develop with each other and with the community in which they live through one-on-one mentorship, Bible Studies, excursions, and outreach.




Through BU Hawaii, you will earn a college degree while still having the flexibility to remain at home and continue to work a part-time job.




Bethel University offers discounted tuition to students at extension sites, allowing BU-X students to earn up to 30 credit hours a year for $10,500. Additionally, financial aid is available

for those who qualify. 




Ministry and business apprenticeships will be offered to you through BU Hawaii. Up to 3 credit hours per semester will be given for practicum experience.  This amounts to 8-10 hours weekly of firsthand leadership, ministry, and workplace experience.

Affordable. Local. Intentional. Practical. Fully Accredited.

A college experience that equips you to live according to your values and mission.


The O'ahu campus currently provides multiple degree options, and we anticipate adding more potential selections in the

future. The current options are:

  • Who should apply to BU Hawaii?
    BU Hawaii is for high school graduates and interested young adults who look to discover and embrace their God-give mission within a platform of vocational ministry or the marketplace.
  • How much does it cost?
    Total cost is $10,500 for one year of tuition and fees at BU Hawaii. The price is based on 15 credits per semester, including 3 practicum hours. The cost will increase if the student registers for additional credits. *Financial aid is available for those who qualify.
  • Will credits from other colleges transfer or can I transfer credits from BU Hawaii to another college?
    Yes, any credits from a regionally accredited college or university would generally transfer. For more questions, please visit Bethel's Transfer Credit Policy page. The Registrar's Office reviews all official transcripts on a case-by-case scenario and, if applicable, awards transfer credits appropriately for each Bethel corresponding course. Students may also receive elective credits for courses that do not apply to the area of their degree (up to the maximum elective credits required for the degree).
  • When can I apply?
    Students are admitted in either the fall (classes begin in August) or spring (classes begin in January) semesters.
  • Is housing available?
    Unfortunately, housing is not available.
  • Do I get to focus my practicum on a certain track?
    Yes. Each student will have the opportunity to gain experience in their degree discipline.
  • What degree do I receive when I finish?
    There are both two-year associate degrees and four-year bachelor’s degrees available from Bethel University. Both degrees offer valuable life experience, leadership development, and ministry training from serving with a local business, ministry, or organization.
  • Is this an accredited program?
    Yes, this program partners with Bethel University. Bethel University is a fully accredited institution authorized to award associate, bachelor's, and master’s degrees.
  • Who is teaching the classes?
    Bethel University will provide a quality curriculum taught by Bethel-hired faculty. Students complete classes at your local site. Classes will be offered in a variety of formats including online, virtual, and in-person depending on availability and interest in each seven weeks.
  • Does the program offer financial aid or student loans?
    BU Hawaii enables enrolled students to pay for their college experience using federal financial aid. To know if you are eligible for such funding, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at and maintain 12 credit hours each semester. Many scholarships received from organizations outside of Bethel University can be applied to the cost of your education. Bethel University will assist you in understanding all of your financial options.
Degres Oahu

Take Your Next Steps



If you’d like to experience our community first-hand before applying, email the O'ahu Director to find out more!



Ready to sign up?! Click below to apply to BU Hawaii!




Enroll, attend classes, get practical experience and be mentored and coached by our team.




Graduate with an accredited degree, low (or no) debt and confidence about your next steps in life.

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